Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm preparing...

This school year I aim to do better at providing nutritious, affordable, enjoyable lunches for my little ones. I'm so over scrambling around in the morning, stuffing convenience foods in their bags, only to have much of it go uneaten. The school-provided lunches, while more well-rounded, don't often appeal to them. I've seen a lot of blogs about bento lunches and kid-friendly lunches, and I'm inspired to adapt some of those ideas for my picky little sproutlets. School starts in about 6 weeks, so for now I'm just going to be getting my containers and lunch bags in order, and trying out possible lunch combinations on the kids while I can see their reaction to them, and hopefully when it's time to really pack their lunches, I'll have some good ideas for what to put in them!

Look at the time... it's lunch time now! I'd better get on it :)

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  1. This was only ONE year ago? And you are incredibly famous and an amazing bento artist in just one year?! Happy Blogiversary to you! You are incredible with food, super kind with words and I'm glad I know you :)


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