Thursday, October 1, 2015

Launching into the Hallowe'en Season

Happy October! I packed Bella a boo-tiful lunch in her PlanetBox Launch: 

Turkey, cheese & cucumber wraps, as she requested, secured with pumpkin & bat picks, carrot fingers with a spider pick, a couple of Oreos in a pumpkin-shaped cup, and a handful of ghostly marshmallows. I love the Hallowe'en picks I used - they're long which is great for little snack kebabs, but easy to trim if I want them shorter,  & you get lots of all 4 in the set : 
I used some for this Hallowee'eny snack tray:

Scrapbook paper background is monster mash by sei crafts, from Collage Paper Arts 


  1. I never would have thought to cut the picks - I have the same set and some other long ones as well. It's great to have the length, but some of the bento boxes I have will not accommodate the longer picks. I feel silly for not thinking of it - thank you for the tip!

    1. I'm glad I mentioned it then!


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