Friday, July 18, 2014

The Angels Have The Lunch Box

Pickle's ABA tutor comes to our house for a few hours a day, and one of the ways they work on appropriate play & social skills is by playing games.  This week they've been playing Yahtzee, the Doctor Who Edition!  While Pickle was poking through my sandwich & cookie cutters choosing one for his daily peanut butter sandwich, he spotted my TARDIS cutter and asked why I never make him a Doctor Who lunch.  So I did.  Don't blink!

If you're unfamiliar with the reference,  it's a Doctor Who thing :)  
I made Bella a Whovian bento as well,  and I had a little more fun with hers...  She also got a TARDIS & Weeping Angel sandwich,  plus baby carrots,  Rainier cherries,  honeydew melon with alphabet picks,  jelly babies,  & a jammie dodger biscuit,  packed in EasyLunchboxes:

 I've been saving this Lunchbox Love note for just such a lunch :)

I used my TARDIS & Weeping Angel cookie cutter set from the exclusive Doctor Who range at Lakeland in the UK, which also includes Cyberman & K-9 and Dalek & Sontaran sets :)  If you're in the US you can find a similar cookie cutter set at ThinkGeek:

There's no Weeping Angel in the ThinkGeek set, but it has Eleven's sonic screwdriver. And perhaps that's for the best, since they say the image of an Angel becomes an Angel... which is why as soon as Bella opened her EasyLunchbox, she snatched up the Angel sandwich and bit it's head off :)

36 days until the Doctor Who Series 8 Premiere!


Stuff used to make these lunches:

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  1. Anonymous7/21/2014

    Brilliant Doctor Bento. Will have to make for my girl!


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