Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Storybook Bento: Pinkalicious!

March is National Reading Month, & Laptop Lunches is celebrating with a month of storybook bentos!  I was so pleased to be asked to contribute :)  I let my girls choose the book they wanted me to make lunch to go with.  They chose Pinkalicious by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann:

Pinkalicious is such a cute book.  The story is about a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns completely pink!  She loves it, and cries pink tears of happiness over how beautifully pink she is!  Her mother is not so thrilled with her new hue and takes her to the doctor, who prescribes green foods to return her to her normal colour, but she likes being pink, and sneaks another pink cupcake instead.  She's not happy when it turns her red though, and finally eats her greens.

Pinkalicious is a perennial favourite bedtime story at our house.  It's a silly story filled with fun, colourful illustrations.  My girlies love that the mother in the story quotes the same rhyme I do, "You get what you get and you don't get upset".  And we all love the ending :)

We even have Pinkalicious pajamas! (Purplicious ones too - that's one of the sequels.) Here my 7 year old reads the book to her 5 year old sister:

You can imagine how excited they were about these Pinkalicious cupcakes I made! Cherries aren't in season right now so I topped ours with raspberries:

Yummy! And a perfect fit in the smaller Laptop Lunches inner containers:

My eldest daughter's Pinkalicious Laptop Lunches bento contains:
  • A flatbread cheese sandwich - I used scissors to cut it in a crown shape - and a cheddar star-topped wand.
  • Strawberry yogurt sprinkled with pink & white sugar crystals.
  • One of the Pinkalicious cupcakes
  • Greens! Lettuce, celery, cucumber, and broccoli - plus carrot & radish flowers and a butterfly cupcake pick, for the part of the story where the butterflies think the pink girl is a flower :)
  • And a Pinkalicious cupcake ring repurposed as a cloth napkin ring, and a spork (not shown above, see below)
My younger girls got similar lunches - with less greens.  One more thing went into each bento box: a Lunchbox Love note card. Bella's says "Dream big!" and has a fun fact about belly button lint on the flip side :)

●  ●  ●  ●
Some stuff I used to make our bentos:


  1. I love this lunch! Such a perfect lunch for a little princess!

    1. Thank you! My little princess loved it :)

  2. Amber Hernandez3/12/2014

    My kids love this book!!! I love your pinkalicious cupcakes and crown sandwich! I must steal this idea!

    1. Thanks & have fun making your cupcakes!

  3. Suck a cute lunch, lovely girls!

  4. What an awesome lunch!!

    1. Thanks, I love how it turned out :)

  5. We love Pinkalicious at our house it this lunch is just so fun! Those cupcakes look mouthwatering!


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