Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Snow & ice sure is pretty to look at... if only it wasn't so cold!  My Birdie is so concerned about the birds & an outdoor cat who lives in our neighbourhood. I assured her that fluffy feathers & fur help keep them warm, & we put out some bird seed & fresh water.  I'm glad she's got such a kind heart.  Birdie loves animals, & really wants to get a dog of her own when she's old enough to walk it.  I made her a kitty & puppy & winter lunch:

She has strawberries with snowflake & puppy picks, grapes with heart picks, & a kitty cheese sandwich. Cheese snowflakes decorate the grapes & the lid of the EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper of Annie's chocolate bunny grahams.

The winter weather always has me thinking of ALL the animals, especially pets who aren't used to fending for themselves, & hoping they are all being cared for & not left out in the cold.  Keep your fur babies warm!

Cold Weather Tips for Pets
  • Keep cats indoors. Outdoor cats are at risk for injury & disease at all times, & especially vulnerable to exposure in winter.
  • On cold days, outdoor cats & other small animals may crawl up under the hoods of cars seeking warmth.  Bang on your car's hood to alert them & warn them off before starting the engine.
  • Dogs can easily become lost in the snow & ice.  Keep your dog on a leash when out for walks & be sure he wears ID tags. 
  • Wipe & dry your dog's legs & stomach when he comes in out of the sleet, snow or ice, to keep him from ingesting salt or antifreeze, and protect him from getting cracked paws. 
  • NEVER leave your dog or cat alone in a car during cold weather. 

I made Pickle a puppy dog lunch with a cold weather theme as well. He has his standard PB sandwich, yogurt & cookies, & because I used the Lunch Punch on his sandwich, a string cheese to make up for cutting off the crusts. Lately a de-crusted sandwich just isn't filling my growing boy up enough :)

I chose his Lunchbox Love card for the cold weather fact, but I think he'll really love the flip side of it 

Some stuff I used to make these lunches:



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