Bento Kids Linky Party!

Do you have little lunch makers?
My sproutlets love to help out in the kitchen, when I manage to let go of my inner control-freak and let them ;) This year my eldest girl, Bella, has packed quite a few of her own bento lunches. I'm proud of her creativity & good nutrition sense!

Here's one of my fave lunches made by Mia Bella:
Maybe one day she'll have her own bento blog!

Have any of your littles packed their own bentos?

Share them here! You don't need to have a blog to link up! As long as you've posted your kidlet's creation somewhere with an individual URL, you should be able to link it. Just make sure your photo's privacy setting is set to public :) 


  1. Love Mia's awesome lunches! :D

  2. Mia did an awesome job!

  3. Thanks for the linky! I love Mia's lunches...she's obviously talented just like you!

  4. What a great idea for a linky! Sorry my post is so dated. :) Thanks! and just love Mia's lunches! :)

    1. Not at all, they can be from whenever! Some of the posts are from last Mother's Day! Thanks for linking!

  5. Great job, Mia! Love the lunch!


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