Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cutie Monkey Bean Yumbox

Sprout's nickname is only one of an assortment of nicknames, all stemming from her very first, given to her in utero, by Sailor Boy :) Not long after suggesting Sydney for her first name, he commented that in her ultrasound photo she looked like a little kidney bean... then suggested we use bean for her middle name - he thought Sydney Bean would be adorable! I agreed it would be adorable to us, but perhaps not so much to her, one day. We did settle on a lovely middle name, but she also became Daddy's Little Sydney Bean. And as she grew, so did his list of nicknames for her: Sydney Bean Sprout, Bean Sprout, Sprout, Monkey Bean, & Cutie Monkey Bean.

So I always think of her when I see cute monkey things. Like the funny little monkey face forked bento pick I put in her Yumbox today:

Sprout aka Cutie Monkey Bean's Purple Yumbox contains:
  • Strawberries - finally, the grocery store had some nice-looking ripe ones - it must be Spring somewhere!
  • Green grapes, also nicer than any I've found in weeks :)
  • Annie's Homegrown Bernie's Farm cheddar crackers
  • Mozzarella string cheese with heart fork picks
  • Grape gelatin made with real juice
  • & a Hi-Chew candy treat, with the monkey pick stuck in it 
I also included a Light My Fire spork, but it doesn't fit in her Yumbox. Her Yumbox fits in her Thirty-One Chillicious lunch box though, with room for the spork, an ice pack, & her drink :)


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