Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goodbyn Bento Box Round-up

Here's Birdie's last preschool lunch ever! More of a snack, really. The school had a cookout on the last day, so she didn't need to bring anything, but I didn't think she would eat a hot dog & chips (she didn't) so I packed her some applesauce (sprinkled with heart quins), a granola bar (broken in half) & a cheese heart, packed in a Goodbyn snack box.

Since the school year's over, I might as well share the rest of the Goodbyn lunches that never got posted for whatever reason :)

Our Goodbyns are some of my favourite containers to reach for in a rush - they're so colourful they make the lunch look fun even if it's just random things practically thrown in it, so I don't need to take any extra time to be creative or add accessories, unless I want to - see:

Ok, so the hard-cooked egg is shaped like a teddy bear head - but that didn't take any extra effort since I cook & mold eggs in batches ahead of time.  

Pancakes are always a favourite. They can be made ahead & frozen, or purchased that way. Add some fruit, a little dipper of syrup , & a yogurt (not shown), & my little one's lunchbox comes home empty.

Here's an Instagram pic I shared but forgot to blog! I had nothing in mind for lunch that day & was not feeling at all creative so I asked Sprout what she wanted & packed exactly that - ham, grapes, a Go-Gurt, crackers, & iced tea (with reusable CoolStraw), in her purple Bynto, an oldie but goodie :)

Another oldie, from way back in October! This one was for Bella - as the note says - and it appears I swapped the purple Bynto lid for a pink one, maybe for fun, or maybe I was just in a hurry :)

I don't remember what was tucked under the mini bagel! Being October, it might have been a Hallowe'en candy...


I just bought one of the new Goodbyn Hero lunchboxes, a red one, for Pickle to take to school next year. He's pretty excited about it - he loves red. He's pretty hard on his lunch gear, so if it can hold up to his abuse, it really will be a hero! I'm pretty optimistic;  if it's anything like our other Goodbyn containers, it won't disappoint. I wonder if it will fit in the Goodbyn lunch bag... if it does, I might get one for Birdie too... she loves her blue birdie bag :)


Some stuff used to make these lunches



  1. Great lunches! I have a couple of the goodbyn boxes like your pink and purple ones. My question for you: do your kids get to put their lunches in a fridge at school? I worry about how to keep the food cold since there's no room for a cold pack. So I haven't been using these boxes. What do you do?

    1. Hi Lori, no there is no refrigeration for the lunches at my kids' school, they are stored in a big open bin just inside the classroom door, which gets toted to the lunchroom.

      When Birdie takes one of the Byntos, she takes it in the bag shown in the last photo above - it was made by Arctic Zone for Goodbyn and is insulated, with a mesh pocket for the Goodbyn ice pack, and that keeps everything cold well past lunch. Her bag isn't available anymore, however Goodbyn does have new insulated bag styles that are roomy enough for all their containers plus an ice pack: Goodbyn Bags

      Only Birdie had a Goodbyn bag though, so when any of the other kidlets took a Bynto, they carried it in a neoprene BUILT Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote, which had room for an ice pack or 2 and a drink as well. I took 3 photos to illustrate, you can see them here: What fits in our Built Lunch Bags

    2. Ah, I missed the part about the bag. Perfect. I've been using divided Rubbermaid containers as their bentos and they fit perfectly in their lunch boxes with a cold pack, so same theory. I think the bynto is too big. But glad to hear I was on track!


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